Can Appliances Get Damaged During Testing and Tagging? In Australia 2022

Appliances Get Damaged During Testing and Tagging?

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Electrical appliances need to be regularly tested to ensure that they’re safe to use. But how safe is the testing process – can it damage your appliances?

Testing and tagging is a necessary service usually regularly performed in workplaces to test the safety of any electrical appliances. The tests are performed by trained professionals and shouldn’t damage any of your appliances. Must PAT Testing according time to time

How are appliances tested?

Appliances are tested in a process commonly called ‘test and tag’ which involves testing electrical appliances to ensure that they’re safe to operate and then tagging them so their status can be easily identified.

There are three steps in the process:

#1 Visual inspection

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The appliance is inspected for any signs of visible damage including discoloured plastic, frayed cords and damaged plugs. Over 90% of appliances that fail the testing and tagging process fail the visual test.

#2 Electrical testing

Electrical testing is conducted using a portable appliance tester (or PAT) to test the earth continuity resistance, insulation resistance and the lead polarity of the appliance.

  • Earth Continuity Resistance. This test measures the resistance of the earth conductor within the device. The resistance is measured by plugging one lead of the tester into the earth pin of the appliance and the other lead into the outer casing.
  • Insulation Resistance.This test ensures that the electrical current running through the device is appropriately insulated and there has been no degradation of the insulation.
  • Lead Polarity. The third element tested is the lead polarity of the appliance which is tested by connecting the appliance to the PAT.

#3 Tagging of the device

Following completion of the testing process the appliance is tagged to indicate its status. The tag records who tested the appliance, when it was tested, the results of the test and when the next test is due. If an appliance fails the test, it is tagged with a Failed Item tag and should be removed from use and either repaired or disposed of.

In some industries, the colour of the tag is mandated according to the season. This occurs in industries where testing needs to be conducted every three months. These industries are generally ones where there is what’s called a ‘hostile operating environment’ meaning that there is a high likelihood of appliances being damaged in the normal course of operations. It includes industries such as construction and mining. If your are in Melbourne and want to Test and tag then must try Test and tag Melbourne

In other industries, it’s at the technician’s discretion to choose the colour of the tags. But it’s worth asking your tester if they can tag all the appliances in your workplace with the one colour tag — using a different colour tag each time they visit.

It’s an easy way for you to immediately identify any problem appliances in your workplace. If the last tags were yellow and someone is using an appliance with a burgundy tag, then you know on sight that the appliance didn’t get tested in the last test or that it’s come from a different site. Either way, a quick check of the tag will verify if it is safe to use.

Can the testing damage my appliances?

Sometimes, business owners with expensive equipment get concerned that the testing process could damage their appliances. But there’s really no cause for concern. Of course, nothing is 100% foolproof but the testing method is a non-invasive process so there’s minimal risk to your equipment.  The testing involves checking the currents, insulation and polarity and this is all done externally. There’s no dismantling of the appliance to check the wiring, and therefore little risk of damage to the appliance.

Using a reputable test and tag supplier also helps to give you peace of mind that your appliances are being handled carefully. Jim’s  Test and Tag technicians are all highly qualified specialists who have been trained specifically in testing and tagging.

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Electrical appliances need to be regularly tested to ensure that they’re safe to use. But how safe is the testing process – can it damage your appliances?


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