Is a Fence Better Than a Hedge In Australia 2022

Is a Fence Better Than a Hedge?

Are you thinking about planting a hedge instead of installing a fence at your property? Here are some factors to take into consideration before you make your choice.

A new fence can lift the look of your home as well as providing your household with improved security, but what sort of fence should you choose? Should you consider planting a hedge, rather than a fence? Homeowners are always looking for innovative new styling and landscaping techniques. We’ve seen styles shift from a more-is-more explosion of patterns and colours to a more minimalist restrained style in recent years. There’s also been a rise in the popularity of eco-friendly styling options and the utilisation of natural resources.

Pros of planting a hedge

Hedges, especially if you buy as small seedlings, are likely to be a lot cheaper than a fence. Appearance-wise, an established hedge looks sophisticated and adds a lush, green style to your property. A hedge offers privacy and is great at blocking out external noises because of its layers of leaves, and it can also block out dirt and debris in the same way. A hedge can also offer shelter to native wildlife, which is mainly beneficial for the environment but could be a bonus for you if you enjoy waking up to the sweet sound of birdsong.

Cons of planting a hedge

The paradox of pros and cons list is that a pro can often be flipped to be something negative. For example, buying small plants will be a lot cheaper than getting a fence installed. However, then you have to play the waiting game for the hedge to grow to the height you desire – something that can take years. While you’re waiting, you’ll have to live without the clear-cut barrier that a full-grown hedge would give you. It will also offer your yard minimal privacy until it grows to full height. Hedges also require a lot more maintenance than a fence, as it is a living, growing organism. You will have to feed, weed, water and prune a hedge. If you and your neighbour’s houses are tightly packed together, a hedge can pretty quickly overgrow to encroach on their property. You’ll have to stay completely on top of it to avoid neighbourly conflict and to ensure your home doesn’t look messy or unkempt.

Pros of a fence

A fence is a solid structure that comes as it is, with a warranty and all. Unlike a hedge, there are no hidden caveats such as slow growing times. If you choose to install a fence, there is an extensive range of different designs and materials to choose your perfect fence from. In that sense, it’s a lot more versatile than a hedge. Fences are arguably a lot more secure than a hedge. Although a hedge does offer a strong, solid wall once it’s fully grown, it may not offer adequate security if you’re thinking about safely containing young children and dogs. A fence offers no gaps in its structure and can be partnered with a lockable gate. These features also make it more secure when it comes to the threat of a break-in. Most fences require little to no maintenance and would be much better suited to compact spaces than a hedge because a fence can be as narrow or wide as the buyer chooses. A timber fence, such as the beautiful golden-brown Merbau used by Jim’s Fencing, can still offer a natural ambience – without the additional flaws that a hedge has.

Cons of a fence (H5)

The cons of a fence directly correlate with the positives of hedges. It’s hard to pinpoint negatives when it comes to fences, as there are so many different styles and variations. There will likely be a fence type that caters to any advantages that a hedge offers. For example, a hedge is considered superior to most fences in its ability to filter out external noises. This is true for some types of fences, however, modular fencing is highly effective at filtering out sound pollution and is probably better than a hedge in this regard. Fences would typically be more expensive than a hedge, although hedges tend to have higher ongoing maintenance costs. Certain types of fences may require a building permit or additional approval from the council, if you want to build it beyond a certain height.

So, should I choose a hedge or a fence?

There is no one answer for a fence or a hedge being better than the other, although a fence does come with a smaller list of cons. It comes down to the homeowner’s security needs and aesthetic preferences.

If you’re in the process of making this choice, and can’t decide, you can always opt for both. You could do a hedge in your front yard for stylistic purposes and then a fence in your backyard where you keep your dog. Or you can do a medium-height, secure fence, and grow hedges in front of it for a mixture of security and lush greenery. The options are endless! Phone 13 15 46 to speak to the experts at Jim’s Fencing Melbourne.


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