Low fence more secure than a high fence

Is a Low Fence More Secure from Prowlers and Thieves than a High Fence?

When choosing a fence with security in mind, you may want to go for the largest, burliest brick wall in the shop. Is this really the best option, however? Have you considered how a low wall would be equally a deterrent to potential thieves?

Every household should have a security plan and measures in place to prevent burglaries. An average of 4%, or over 400,00, of Australian homes have been broken into, with most of these ending as robberies. You don’t want your house to join that statistic! You can use many home additions as a security measure: automatic porch lights, security doors and windows, and alarms. Your fence can also be a powerful defensive barrier against a potential intruder.

How is a low fence more secure than a high fence?

You may be trying to figure out how this makes sense. And, it’s not a blanket statement that is ultimately true for every household. However, a high fence offers coverage and privacy for whoever is on the other side. It can even be an enticement for them! Solid, tall walls provide a sense of security for the thief on the other side, as they can be out of sight of the rest of the street. Your neighbours will not be able to see them physically breaking into your house. Your neighbours are a huge part of your security feature, even if you don’t know them well. Not many of us would sit back and watch while shifty characters climb through a window with TVs or jewellery boxes and not call the police. However, if a 2-metre or higher fence covers them, they can do their thieving undetected.

A low fence shows intruders breaking in

A group of convicted burglars were once interviewed in prison about how and why they chose the houses they robbed. Many of them answered that they selected homes with lots of tall trees, shrubbery, or other places to hide easily. A burglar wants to grab your stuff and get out of there, undetected. A low fence means that they’ll be visible during the time they are breaking into your home and when they are exiting. Again, this makes them able to be spotted by neighbours and for the authorities to be called. Especially when paired with other security features, such as a security door that will take them several minutes to try to break into, a lot of intruders will not risk that sort of exposure.

When is a high fence better than a low fence?

As discussed above, a low fence may be a better option in a highly populated area where the burglar will see it as an exposure risk. If you live in a place where the houses are spaced far apart, or it’s very quiet, this is when a high fence would probably be a better option – the robbers won’t be so worried about being spotted, so in that case, you just want to make it harder for them to climb over.

What other types of fences are unappealing to burglars?
  • Picket fences are a great choice to deter burglars, as the pointed tops make them extremely difficult and uncomfortable to try and climb over. Imagine landing on a picket!
  • Vines grown over fences, especially thorny plants, can be another very painful feature that an intruder will not want to attempt to climb.
  • Wire fences are tough to leap over quickly, especially if fleeing the scene. It’s very easy to get tangled and trip over.
  • If you’d really prefer a taller fence, topping it with a decorative lattice is a great compromise. Trellises are often weaker than the rest of the wall and can break and cause a large crash if attempted to climb over.

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