Not Just Great at Preventing Burglars, Security Doors Keep Bugs Out Too-Melbourne Victoria Australia 2021

Not Just Great at Preventing Burglars, Security Doors Keep Bugs Out Too

If you live in Australia, you probably own a fly swat and dread the annoyance of flies and mosquitoes on a warm night. In January 2021, the University of Western Australia even documented that fly numbers had increased due to hot, dry weather and strong easterly winds. There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep knowing there are mosquitoes around waiting to bite you while you sleep so installing fly screens on your windows and doors is a great way to prevent this nuisance. Security screens are a great way to upgrade your home security while also ensuring you can enjoy fresh air through your home without having to put up with insects.

So, why is a security screen better than a basic fly screen?

Many Australian homes have fly screens on their windows or even a fly screen door, but with burglaries on the rise in Australia, security doors and screens are a much better option for protecting your home. Security screens will protect your home and loved ones against the threat of burglary as well as ensuring you can leave your front door open and enjoy fresh air through your home without the annoyance of flies, bugs, and mosquitoes. Security screens and doors are more expensive than fly screens but are a much better option for home protection as well as a better long-term solution to combatting insect nuisance in your house.

Security screens are far more durable than fly screen

Flyscreen mesh is usually made from fiberglass and coated with PVC. It is inexpensive to manufacture and will not last well over time, tending to warp, tear and discolor, even with gentle usage. By contrast, security screens are made from perforated aluminum or steel mesh and are designed to ensure they can withstand heavy usage. A traditional fly screen will have to replaced regularly, particularly if you have pets or children often putting pressure directly onto the mesh. Security mesh will last far longer, with some manufactures offering warranties of up to 10 years. Security Doors Cranbourne Melbourne also provides 10 years warranty must try.

Security mesh will protect you against a break-in

Unlike a weak fly screen, in many cases, a quality security door will deter thieves from even attempting to break in. When exploring security screen and door options, it’s important to ensure that your chosen product meets the Australian Standards requirements and is properly installed by a skilled expert. Security doors and windows must pass stringent testing to assess the structural integrity and strength of the product in order to qualify for Australian Standards security status. The tests include simulating an intruder using a knife to slash the screen or using body force against the door, as well as an anti-jemmy test to see if the screen can be levered open and many other thorough forced entry tests.

Security mesh is perfect for homes with children or animals

Traditional flywire mesh is no match for heavy paws and claws or rough pushing from kids. In a home with pets and kids, flywire will generally need to be replaced regularly. Even the toughest varieties of fly screen mesh will warp or tear fairly easily with rough usage or overtime. Broken mesh instantly compromises the integrity of the security door and renders it utterly useless against intruders or insects.

Enjoy natural ventilation and save on electricity costs without compromising on security or the nuisance of insects

While screen doors will allow you to have fresh air through your home, they are definitely not secure against a break-in. With security doors and screens, you can feel safe and protected enjoying fresh air through your home on a warm night. Save on air-conditioning costs, ventilate your home naturally and enjoy the health benefits of airing out your house without worrying about intruders or pesky bugs.

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